Friday, January 30, 2009

Makeup Tips...

...not really. This is just to keep the guys away from this post. hehe. This is basically a girlie post. From me, yes, thank you. People keep telling me to get in touch with the girl in me, always. So I got in touch with the girl in me, and turns out, she is kind of a bitch. Tell you how. For starters, remember the guy things from the last post? Yes, they are still there - even increased in number. Can you imagine? Me with a guy-count. It is almost like I'm hallucinating. But no. They are really there. Ha! And I am happy managing time, scheduling coffee dates, phone calls and being extra attentive while I text these guys - don't want any cross connections. It's fun. Bitchy, huh? Why the hell was I not doing this for the past 300 years is my question. Jeez. I got to be insane to miss out on all the fun part of being a single girl in the town. On in the office. Or in the pub. You know.
So. When did all the guys become so relationship paranoid? Its funny. Then there is this other breed who only want a I-am-serious-for-you-dont-even-look-at-another-guy-but-let-not-talk-about-marriage kinda relationship. What is a normal girl like me supposed to do? So many questions. Is casual dating okay - it is okay. Can you kiss a guy casually - I really dont know :) Do you lead on a guy when you let him buy you a drink.....It is not as simple as you though. But well....anyway, the girlie part of me is ruling me these days and I'm loving it so far. :)))
The bad part is I am sleep deprived. I look so wrecked in the mornings cant tell you. So I did some research in many issues of Cosmopolitan and figured that if you apply mascara nicely with a fine kohl lining in your eyes, you don't look sleepy. Ta Da! No wonder my office people are not used to me wearing makeup and they look at me strangely - but what do they know. Duh!
Cosmopolitan should remind you that I love reading a lot and I was a compulsive book buyer(was). Besides cosmopolitan, I don't buy books these days. nu nu nu. I am a new person this new year, I told ya. No more wasting money and stacking up books for just-might-read-again-in-about-a-1000-years purpose. I discovered this amazing thing called Friends of Books. (Don't even think it is an online library. I cannot read a book on a laptop, phuleese) Here I just go to their website, select my books for the month with a stylish click and they deliver it to me in 2 days flat! I pay by cash or cheque. The net savvy duds, sorry dudes can pay online as well. The subscription plan is as reasonable as 2 books a month for Rs. 150. Quite cool, isn't it! So that explains my wild party scene. Money saved is 2 books read and 5 parties attended. Try it if you are in Delhi NCR.
Now I talk about my book here for the first time. Yay! I used to keep it a secret but cant do it any longer. Dear internet, please keep my secret safe with you and your users. Okay, I want to so much regularly write my book and complete it sooooooooooon. I am so lazy most of the times, and other times when I am not lazy, I end up rethinking about the entire plot -if I should change it altogether or not, blah blah. I am so screwed. But excuse me, do not assume no work has been done. I have figured out the most important things like the title (haha, wait till you hear it), my opening phrase, my dedication, my dress for the cover picture, my hairdresser for the photo shoot, etc. Writing it wouldn't be too hard. I just have to start.
Okay this is where I stop typing and start dressing up. Got a party, baby :) I'm meeting my back-up dream man in one hour. BTW, have you checked out the new TC in Priya? Awesome music. Go there and catch me sitting next to the DJ ;)
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