Monday, June 23, 2008

How to get over a disappointment

Disclaimer: This is for girls only. However, if a guy relates to it, Bravo! You have a heart! Read on...

This disappointment can be a day, a person or a relationship. For a person like me, rather for most of us, disappointment and being let down are the worse things to happen. I mean I can handle a fight, a bruise, a bad hair day, a broke month, a bitchy client but I just crumple and break down if I am disappointed in someone. Maybe because I trust only a very very very few people... Very Few... Only 2 or 3 people in my entire blessed life. Yes, it is ‘this’ serious. Anyway, I know (through my bookish knowledge) that life is not too serious and you eventually wake up and realize that you have healed and that you are ready for new things. Ha! I’m turning into a psycho. Watch out you so called ‘best friends’, hurt me more and I might just get insane enough to stab you in your heart one of these days. Ah, the smell of traitor-blood...

Okay, so this is not about my misery, but it is about how to cope up with such situation when it gets hard to breathe. Girls, everything I say here is tested personally and works wonders. So if there is anyone around here who has had heartbreaks, heartaches, betrayals or disappointments, this is for you! And and and if someone is here who doesn’t have these problems, well, I’m jealous, please walk off my blog. I hate you already. Hmph. So my dear readers, if there is any such thing bothering you, here is my piece of advice:

(Since this another addition to mi 'How to..." series, it should go into that tag, remind me, will you?)

  1. No Details phlueeze: Don’t go over the details every moment. It only makes the situation tough and suffocating. Leave it to where it is.
  2. Drink: It is okay if you don’t drink. You can maybe try it once, a broken heart deserves to break a rule or two you made for yourself when you were all happy and content. That was history. So indulge and let it flow. I would prefer not to get drunk, but getting a lil’ high won’t hurt at all. You’ll feel good. (Spoilt rotten. Me. heehee.)
  3. Make fun: Make fun of everyone. Comment, be rude in a funny way and poke fun at people. Giggle and laugh. There are enough weird people around to make you laugh. Important note: Dont feel guilty, you are doing this to feel okay and to mend the wound. And obviously, take care of not hurting anyone. :)
  4. Bitching: Bitch about that person in your diary, with your friends, acquaintances or maybe with strangers (Acquaintances and strangers are my favourite). Just tell your story and get done with it. Sometimes you might even get a good advice, who knows. Just open up and bitch. Call him names, cruse him, pick on him and Yell. Might sound stupid, but it works.
  5. Cry: Whoever said don’t cry coz it makes you weak? My experience tells me you should cry bloody well if you feel like it. Cry cry and cry. Be miserable. Cry. Have a low self esteem. Cry. Feel cheated. Cry. Feel lonely. Cry. And one day, sooner than later, you will realize that there is no point in being miserable anyway, anymore. Tears cleanse the heart. Allow yourself that weak moment and cry if you want to. In the end you’ll emerge. Word.
  6. Socialize: If this was a disappointment in lowwwe, chances are that you might have shut off other people from your life while you were happy in the relationship. If this was a disappointment in friends, and you are now afraid to make friends again, well, you only need some good people (bad will also do) to spend your time with and have some fun. Time to socialize now, folks! Catch up with random friends you didn’t have time for before. Go out, have fun and forget all the bad things. (Come to think of it, by socializing, you can get o make fun and bitch about ppl also. Oh, genius!)
  7. Shopping: Indulge, as I said. Shopping is something that will lift your spirits instantly. The sense of loss will quickly be covered up with an elated sense of possession. I don’t have to tell you that this one works, you know it does! Let’s see what you want...A box of chocolates, an expensive fragrance, a paperback book, an expensive dinner at your favorite eating joint...anything that you love, you want or you dont want. :)
  8. Surprise people: yes, you can mend your hurts by making other people happy. Surprises are the best. Surprise a distant friend by sending a funny e –card, surprise your sister by enrolling her into a salsa class she always wanted to attend, surprise your colleague by buying lunch...anything at all. I am going to surprise you by a sudden visit, watch out. Yes, you. Haha!
  9. Trust Yourself: And no one else. Trust only yourself and keep your chin high. Be a snob. Be a proud bitch. Make people cry.Let them beg. But don't let anyone humiliate you. Womanhood is a blessing. Cheers to grace and charm and emotions - which, by the way, men are highly incapable of. Well at least the ones I know are highly inadequate. (This one particularly makes me wonder if something is wrong with me - why do I always have to land up with losers? aaggrh!)

Hmm...I guess this is it. You should feel better. And I saw this on a page I got my inspiration from, and I’m sharing it with you. And remember to smile and laugh and make fun.

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