Monday, May 19, 2008

Paintings by Kids

-(Not mine - the Paintings, neither the Kids)
"Who the hell makes a living by painting?" was what my parents yelled at me when I expressed the wish to be a painter when I grow up. I was 12 years of age - and fairly dumb as compared to 12 year olds of today - and had completely irritated my mom and dad with the becoming-a-painter thingy. They were scared like hell that their first born would be nothing more than a shabby shady backstreet painter who is high on dope throughout the day and whose only reason to be born is to dream and paint. (Tempting, huh?) I wanted to be one of those easy going - life enjoying 'artistic' people so that rather than worrying about demeaning things like money and career and studies, I could be happily settled in colors and dreams. But noooooo. Life has to have a different agenda!! I got all worked up with the career thingy and goodbye happy life of a painter!!

I have long given up on that dream and I'm in the Advertising World and I behave like I am using my 'creativity' to its most. That's average life for you. Sigh. Anyway, that's not the point of this post - and yes, this one has a point after all, thank you. So I went to this Mall called Ambiance Mall in Gurgaon and as soon as the elevator gates opened, I was exposed to an array of colorful pictures, canvases and even clay pottery all over! A creative workshop was being conducted and was amazed to see the bright paintings by little children that were showcased there. Lots of children were excitedly rubbing crayons on paper and making their imagination alive. A truely amazing site. I lurked around for a lot of time and had small chats with a few kids. Strangely none of them wanted to become a 'painter' when they grow up. The answers ranged form teacher to astronaut to Doctor to dancer...but no painter. Sad. Wonder if this is what we call being mature...or maybe materialistic? Whateverrrr happened to the dreamer breed? Are they not manufacturing it any more? Hello? Hmph. Besides this fact, a few of the paintings were really interesting and it is a crime not to share it with you. So I went click-click and here you go...
(lemmi know which one of these should win)

Paintings by Kids
Paintings by Kids

Paintings by KidsPaintings by Kids
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