Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Passwords are strange little things. Passwords make me curious too. Ever wondered what passwords people have? Ever felt an overwhelming need to play sleuth and find out your friend’s password? How about knowing the password of the hot guy in college? Or the office bitch? Well, don’t know (read care) about you, but I surely have these sudden urges to dig out someone’s passwords…and I try too. Excuse me, I’ve succeeded more than 50% of the times. Yeah. By hit and trial, by knowledge of a persons lifestyle – sometimes secret lifestyle *secret laughter* and by a secret method that I’m not even discussing here *wicked laughter* - are my tools for finding out these secret authentication data that is used to control access to a resource. Nope. I didn’t write that line, I couldn't’t even think about a password like that!! It’s from Google. So anyway, with my improved focus, let’s get back to passwords. Since the time I’ve been familiar with the Internet, I’ve been curious about passwords. I successfully broke the password of the cyber café owner, my first milestone, in my second month of Internet mania. The rest is history, friends and foes, I have many passwords and, let me tell u, I have blackmailed a couple of people too and got chocolates and MBA assignments done. You want to say something? Read the title. See? Hint: Only...I…speak…here… *cute smile* Let’s discuss a few passwords, obviously with out names of the people, for some fun. Few are old and could have been changed, but the current ones, please change ‘em before I feel like getting chocolates in gifts. :) Here we go, Hmm..to start with, there’s a funny one from, okaaaaaaay *trying hard not to type the name* a friend *managed to use backspace on the name* , which is “tellmeyourdreams”. Ha ha ha ha. What do you want to do with everyone’s dreams? Hell, I can’t even remember my own dreams for gawd sake! No, hang on, I can tell you mine, the one I had last night. There’s this place which is all black and white. People going and coming and working and talking, and then I come in the picture with Mili, and we are in the colored frame, like those greeting card where the little boy and girl are black and white and the roses are dark red. Remember? Yes, so there I come all colorful and I drop my bag there, and I panic. Then lil’ sis (dont know where she came from!) picks the hair brush up and runs …she runs inside my class room (yes, I still dream about my school) and there is assembly happening and I suddenly have to sing the Prayer hymn. I am worried and I arrange my school tie (now I’m dressed in school dress) and I go to the microphone and I’m clueless. Then I see the Red-Tape-Shoes-Salmaan-Khan-Bill Board that I used to see on Delhi-Noida way through Kalindi Kunj, and I sing the famous hymn - "Praise him, Praaaaaaaiseee him, Praise him in the morning, Praise him in the noon time…Love him, Loooooove him, Love him in the morning, love him in the noon time….” See, sallu is so inspiring! Okay, so I finish the hymn and see that my maid is washing my white shirt with the red top and white is all red now…! Awwww…I shout and get up!!! Focus. Okay. :P Then there is this little girl (I plan to dedicate a full post to her, she deserves it!) who’s yahoo password is “redhotchillypeppers”. Imagine!! No wonder she head-bangs each time she wants to say “yes" or "No" or "Okay" or whatever. Oh yes, a cute friend of mine uses “nokian95” as her Gtalk password, her cell phone is Sony Ericsson's Z550i. That’s a kind of self-reminder I guess, or a goal well set. Lol How can I not mention the guy from my MBA days, my senior actually, who had - now beat this - his friend’s Girlfriend’s name as his password to the collage email. Guys, I tell you! They give you creeps. What if the poor friend comes to know? Jeez! I created a gmail ID for one of my cousins, who is a real sweetheart of mine. I told her the password and she said she’ll change it. Okay I said, feeling hurt….and curious. Didn’t take me more than two trials to find her new password out. It was, no, it still is, her Harry Potter craze – “ronaldweasley”. Wow! I am so quick and bright and intelligent and analytic and brilliant and exceptional and highbrow and cute. :) Another interesting one is from you; yes you know it is you. (In case you are not you, don't worry, you're somebody else) So, what did you think? I don’t know your password? Well, the news is, I do. Isn’t it “zaqplm19”? na na girlie, don’t lie now. I’ve logged into your orkut and verified. Why, how do you think you became my fan on orkut then? Hehehehe… Who next? Lets see…..ahan! The office bitch. She was in my previous office, this girl, who thought she’s God’s Gift to Mankind. Obviously, she was nothing more that my target for some wicked fun. Office politics can be real fun, you know. Ah, nostalgia strikes…. Anyway, so her official password was – and you’ll have to believe me here- “f@#kwork”. Let me announce here that I really couldn’t think of this one, but luckily I saw her typing it right after her login name, without pressing tab. Hahahaha *falls off laughing* Last, but not the least in any way, is a blogger user, who visited my profile from his login and his password is exactly his login name spelled backwards. Intelligent I say. No one can guess it. :D I know all of you are jealous of my uncanny abilities, but darlinghhsss, can’t really do much about it. But please don’t feel inferior, and dim-witted, but learn to accept your incompetence. And if if IF you are a looser who thinks I’ve got nothing important to do in life, let me tell you I have to rush to Café Coffee Day now where I’m meeting a couple of friends to discuss a mutual friend’s deranged love life. Not to forget the brainstorming I need to go through to come up with a quick dinner recipe tonight. Duh! Okay see you later, in another enlightening post. Until then, I’ll keep changing my password – just in case. PS: This post requires editing which I'll never do. So bear with it. I love you all! :)
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